In partnership with the Shelby County Schools, Families Matter is on schedule to reach 25,000 students yearly by 2015 with engaging conversations about the seasons of life and the benefits of healthy families. Facilitators present upbeat, unconventional presentations, creating questions and giving answers to many unspoken struggles in teenagers’ lives. Compelling discussions give step-by-step lessons in responsible decision making and lifestyle choices so teens can avoid becoming another statistic and instead reach goals of an education first, job second, and marriage/family third. Teens learn how marriage and family works – both in their lives now and throughout their lives.

Guy Talk sessions, for boys 8-15, discuss the many changes in their teenage years, learning responsibility, and the value of a strong family. Most young men have no adult male role models. Guy Talk provides a place for teens to ask questions on how to be a great dad, which most of them would like to be.

Students have responded to Families Matter with enthusiastic welcomes and then on-going invitations from school administrators. We have been asked to increase the number of schools we visit from 15 to 86 by 2015.



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