Strong families depend on strong, loving fathers. Men often want to be great dads, but they can’t find help that makes a real difference. Families Matter offers several courses to meet these needs head on, to empower, enhance, encourage, and support men so they can build healthy families based on biblical principles and the example of Christ.

The Families Matter Fatherhood Initiative pulls together seasoned fathers to build a foundation for teaching boys, young men, and adult men biblical principles, emphasizing healthy life and relationship skills, as well as their own family responsibilities.

The Fatherhood Core Advisory Group supports the Fatherhood Initiative by encouraging participation within the churches, schools, and collaborative organizations supported by Families Matter. Our trainers also receive on-going training through these various organizations.

We also conduct city-wide boot camps for new fathers and fathers-to-be, as well as a Training Camp for Dads, in collaboration with the Mayor’s office, churches, schools, and other non-profit agencies. New Fathers classes meet at local hospitals (Baptist, Methodist, and The Med) and with Head Start programs, in school facilities and life centers. We have also begun meeting at a career college, combining education for healthy families and successful careers. Practical advice in caring for babies and new moms also gives men the help they can’t find elsewhere.

At our Training Camp for Dads, a coach facilitates a safe environment for men to speak openly about their relationships with their own fathers and how to be the best dad they can be for their families. In 2013, we expect 1,000 men to attend.


Love’s Cradle


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Dynamic Dads

Dynamic Dads

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