Programs and Classes

Families Matter is a resource center that provides tools to build up every member of the family. Our educational offerings include everything from workshops for couples and single parents to offerings for youth and a parenting boot camp for new dads. We also can connect individuals and couples to counseling services around the area, should they need one-on-one attention.


Strong families depend on strong, loving fathers. Men often want to be great dads, but they can't find help that makes a real difference. Families Matter offers several courses to meet these needs head on, to empower, enhance, encourage, and support men so they can build healthy families based on biblical principles and the example of Christ. The Families Matter Fatherhood Initiative pulls together seasoned fathers to build a foundation for... More about Fatherhood »


Healthy families are the foundation of a healthy, vibrant community. But, modern life places enormous strain on families, and the results can be catastrophic. Families Matter is establishing a united, sustained community wide effort to strengthen and restore families in Memphis and Shelby County. Basic to all Families Matter programs are the biblical teachings of a Christian way of life. Check out our classes for improving communication (Connections), parenting (Love's... More about Families »


Healthy marriages lead to healthy families, and Families Matter wants to see the divorce rate in Memphis drop dramatically below its current level, which stands at nearly twice the national average. Read through our Community Marriage Policy, uniting the Memphis faith community in reaffirming the Bible's teachings on marriage and family. Families Matter engages in an active program of education and advocacy by collaborating with a broad cross-section of community organizations,... More about Marriage »


In partnership with the Shelby County Schools, Families Matter is on schedule to reach 25,000 students yearly by 2015 with engaging conversations about the seasons of life and the benefits of healthy families. Facilitators present upbeat, unconventional presentations, creating questions and giving answers to many unspoken struggles in teenagers' lives. Compelling discussions give step-by-step lessons in responsible decision making and lifestyle choices so teens can avoid becoming another statistic and... More about Teens »


Memphis pastors have told us that they support marriage and families, as always, but they are overwhelmed by the complex needs in their congregations. Families Matters offers practical Christian counseling helps and FAQs to give pastors some starting points and resources for times of struggle and crisis. Youth ministry resources are also available. Many of our programs visit area churches with the goal of preventing family crisis before it happens... More about Pastors »


Because modern family units usually require every adult work outside the home, schools have become a vital avenue for reaching children and their families with vital life skills. Families Matter is currently providing curriculum and teacher training for 33 Shelby County Schools, reaching 4,000 students, ages 13-21. Through the Family and Consumer Sciences and Parent and Child Engagement (PACE) divisions, we have been asked to increase those numbers to reach... More about Teachers »