The Nurturing Parent Program

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This event finished on 14 November 2017

The Nurturing Parent

The Nurturing Parenting Program is a family-centered initiative designed to build nurturing parenting skills.  This class offers education to every member of the family instructing them in the knowledge of God’s plan for their lives. Our endeavor is to support, educate, encourage and strengthen the knowledge of ones self and the role within the family and society.

The Nurturing Parent Program taught by Families Matter is designed to teach parenting and nurturing skills to parents providing proven, effective skills for healthy family relationships and child development.   Parents learn about child development and effective ways to communicate, developing empathy and practicing new skills in making and enforcing rules and giving praise and encouragement.

Group-Based Setting provides socialization with other parents; parents can learn from the questions and issues other parents bring to the group along with a skilled outreach facilitator.