Young man, spell ‘FATHER’

The attached video is worthy of watching because it tells of a young man’s perspective of what fatherhood is not. The part that saddens me concerning this insightful testimonial is the number of young men who have not lived with men who have shown them what a man’s role should be in their lives. This young man’s view of fatherhood is from the perspective he has lived and unfortunately, it is the all too common experience lived by a disproportionate share of boys and men. And like many other young men, it is obvious he has only seen his mother working very hard to support him in becoming who he has become. His delivery is tremendous. He is passionate about what he is saying and as many young people can concur, his biological father has made no attempt to be a part of his world. He is a person who needed a man in his life to demonstrate what a true man should be. A man of character, integrity, honor and dignity. Not a rolling stone. His mother has obviously done an tremendous job of teaching him many things in life but she cannot teach him how to be a man like a man of character, integrity, honor and dignity would have taught him. So I say…

Men we have to “man up” and be the men God created us to be. We must lead our families by showing love, grace, tenderness and forgiveness and all the other attributes of the “fruit of the spirit” while teaching our children Biblical principles as we ourselves grow in the wisdom and character of God.

I would hate for one of my six children to spell “father” as this young man and so many others have chosen to do. If interested – look at the video below:

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