Carols First Blog Post

You may have read my husband’s blog since it sits next to this one. My name – Carol Jackson and this is my first blog. I am excited because I get to write about relationships, marriage, conflict resolution, parenting, budgeting and other topics. You will not hear a lot from me concerning budgeting – not my favorite topic (there is always pair of shoes or a purse that I really need). I can’t imagine putting my thoughts into cyber space! My question to you is where is cyber space? As a girl growing up in Arkansas I remember laying in the grass looking into the sky and wondering what other world was out here in the great beyond. So Cyber Space is where?

Is the space between earth and sky cyber space? Well if that question sound silly to you think of the silly things our children ask us when they are young. A young mind thinks beyond the imaginable. Have you ever heard “everything I needed to learn I learned before Kindergarten?” As I explore topics for this new blogging experience I will seek topics and ideas that some may label silly.

Have you considered marriage? I have heard teens and young adults say “marriage is silly.” Statements usually are something like “why would I consider marriage when I’ve never seen a marriage that works?” “Every married person I know is unhappy.” Those statements sound silly to me because I am married, I am happy and I know others who enjoy their marriages. However I realize statements I hear come from real people experiencing real life.

As I continue I will share things I’ve learned on this journey called marriage. We have had some great times, some good times, some bad times and some horrific times All of those times (horrific, bad, good, and great) have given me an understanding of how I choose to react – after all my reaction to life is my choice!

Stay tuned – there is more to come.

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